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WAV Sound Quality is Poor Android MediaPlayer


Try convert WAV file to MP3 format for example by Audacity sound editor and replay:

MediaPlayer mp  = MediaPlayer.create(getApplicationContext(), R.raw.mymp3file);

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int java android example | int-java-android-example

int occupy 4 bytes (32 bits) in memory

int in Java example of using Integer and Array of Integer and Iteger to String

        // get max end min values of int in Java example 4 bytes (32 bits) PC architecture
	System.out.println(Integer.MAX_VALUE); // 2147483647
	System.out.println(Integer.MIN_VALUE); // -2147483648

// members variable
private int mProgress = 10;

//integer to string java
int myInteger = 8;
String myString = Integer.toString(myInteger);

// a final variable can only be initialized once
static final int NUM_PARTICLES = 15;

 for (int i = 0; i < NUM_PARTICLES ; i++) { 
// do something

// int as return value of function
public int getCount() {
return 5;

// int as a parametr of function
public float getFloatFromInt(int i) {
float fRet = (float) i;
 return fRet;

//array of int
int[] anArray;              // declares an array of integers
          anArray = new int[2];      // allocates memory for 2 integers
          anArray[0] = 100; // initialize first element
          anArray[1] = 200; // initialize second element

for (int i = 0; i < anArray.length; i++) {
// print out values from anArray
System.out.println("Index: " + i);
System.out.println("Value: " + anArray[i]); 


Android startup tutorial for developers video | android-startup-tutorial-for-developers-video


How setup color coloring syntax code highlight highlighting in Eclipse editor Android example | how-setup-color-syntax-highlight-in-eclipse-android-example

How setup color coloring highlight highlighting syntax font size and family in Eclipse Java and XML editor Android example
Java editor

  1. Go to Eclipse menu Window -> Preferences

  2. Doubleclick on Java

  3. Double click on Editor

  4. Select Java, Javadocs or Comments and setup color and font

  5. Font size and family change from Window->Preferences-> General->Appearance->Colors and Fonts

  6. Press OK for saving changes

xml editor
xml editor double click in Preferences dialog on xml -> Editor -> Syntax coloring
[caption id="attachment_627" align="alignleft" width="297" caption="Eclipse editor syntax color settings"]eclipse-color-syntax-highlight-settings[/caption]

Class File Editor - Source not found - Change Attached Source - Eclipse | class-file-editor-source-not-found-change-attached-source-eclipse

The source attachment does not contain the source for the file TextWatcher.class.
You can change the source attachment by clicking Change Attached Source below:

You have to add JDK src.zip path to dialog as on image below.
[caption id="attachment_1091" align="alignleft" width="282" caption="class file editor source not found Eclipse warning"][/caption]

Or go to Project > Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries
Expand JRE System Library. Expand rt.jar.
Select Source attachment and double click or Edit.
Type path the source code file (External File…) and press OK.

[caption id="attachment_1094" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Java project build path"][/caption]

Or type path in Java JRE definition

[caption id="attachment_1105" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Java JRE deifiniton path in Eclipse"][/caption]

How open String.class or others keywords definition with Eclipse.

Now if mouse move about keywords String or F3 on keywords and press button in yellow field will opened String.class
Java Eclipse intellisense


WebView change height Android Example | webview-change-height-android-example

The Android WebView changing the height according to text size.
If you need to change the height to a minimum try this source:

//public void loadDataWithBaseURL (String baseUrl, String data, String mimeType, String encoding, String historyUrl) 
WebView _webView; // findById(.....
String entryContent = "";
	"blabol",//  javascript i styly
	entryContent, null,
	"utf-8", null

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