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HTC Incredible 2


HTC Incredible 2 cena od 6 000 KCZ Kč (únor.2012)
Spokojenost uživatelů nadprůměrná.
HTC Incredible 2 je chytrý telefon s operačním systémem Android.
HTC Incredible 2 je (22.února2012) 7. nejpoužívanějším chytrým telefonem u programu Sky Map viz tabulka.

HTC Incredible 2 - video recense

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layout-sw600dp values-sw600dp Android example of use | layout-sw600dp-values-sw600dp-android-example-of-use

Why the app selects data from basic layout folder if smallest width is higher then the number in folder name?
Example 1
layout-sw600dp values-sw600dp (smallest width sw for data usage from this folder is 600dp density independent pixel!!!!!)
Device screen resolution is 1200 x 900 px (pixel) Wow, app to be select data from sw600dp folder! Realy?
DPI of device screen - dot per inch (pixel per inch) is 480 pixel it is wery important number!

  1. App selects smallest dimension of screen. In our case 900 px
    Medium screen have 160 dpi (The density-independent pixel is equivalent to one physical pixel on a 160 dpi screen, which is the baseline density assumed by the system for a "medium" density screen.).

  2. App calculate ratio 480 / 160 = 3 (The conversion of dp units to screen pixels: px = dp * (dpi / 160))

  3. App calculate smallest dimesnion of screen in dp 900 / 3 = 300 dip or dp (density independed pixel).

  4. App selects data from basic values and layout folder because sw600dp is greater than 300dp.

In our case smallest dimension of screen must be at least 1800 real - physical pixels (1800 px / 3 ratio(dpi/160) = 600 dp (dip density independend pixels) to be used data from folders values-sw600dp and layout-sw600dp.

Example 2 see Example 1 abouve
Device: Nexus 7 (2012) selected from Android Studio tool layout editor
Resolution: 800x1280 px
DPI: tvdpi (approximately 213dpi)
Ratio: 1.33 (213 / 160)
Smallest width in px: 800
Convert px to dp: 601.5 (800 / 1.33)
Result:Smallest width is 601.5dp The App to be used data from folders values-sw600dp and layout-sw600dp.

Button Android | button-android

Google Android button example source code for developers.

// get handle
Button myButton;
myButton = (Button)findViewById(R.id.idMyButton);
//set focus
// set background image
// or
myButton.setBackgroundDrawable(getResources().getDrawable( R.drawable.someImage));

// set visibility
myButton.setVisibility(View.INVISIBLE); // VISIBLE

///////// SET LISTENER
       Button myButton =(Button)findViewById(R.id.button1);
        myButton.setOnClickListener(new Button.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View v) {
                Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "AHOJ",

// or set onClickListener
//end onCreate .....
   private OnClickListener myListener = new OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {



This version of the rendering library is more recent than | this-version-of-the-rendering-library-is-more-recent-than

This version of the rendering library is more recent than your version of ADT plug-in. Please update ADT plug-in

Click on menu Help > Install New Software.
In the Work with field, Add: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/
Select: Developer Tools / Android Development Tools.
Click Next to complete the wizard.

If you have problem try download all sdk + eclipse in one pack , rename old folder for example Andorid_old, create new folder Android and unpack sdk + eclipse from this adress:


ClassCastException fragments.MainActivity must implement OnHeadlineSelectedListener | classcastexception-fragments-mainactivity-must-implement-onheadlineselectedlistener

You have two class with similar names HeadLinesFragment and HeadMyLinesFragment with OnHeadlineSelectedListener.
Check if call correct class in MainActivity.
For example if use HeadMyLinesFragment change implement to HeadMyLinesFragment too!

public class MainActivity extends FragmentActivity 
        implements HeadLinesFragment.OnHeadlineSelectedListener { 
// wrong implements you need correct class name 
//implements  HeadMyLinesFragment.OnHeadlineSelectedListener
HeadMyLinesFragment firstFragment = new HeadMyLinesFragment(); // because in code using HeadMyLinesFragment


AlertDialog - MessageBox - Alert - Toast - Android sample | alertdialog-like-messagebox-android-sample

AlertDialog like MessageBox by WinApi:
If error: Unable to add window -- token null is not for an application
try change get Context.

// you can put this text into some function body or case in switch statement
                new AlertDialog.Builder(this)
                    .setMessage("Hello boys!!!")
                    .setPositiveButton("OK", null)

Context context = getApplicationContext();
	AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(context);
	builder.setTitle("Select font size");
	final CharSequence[] chsSize= { "Small", "Medium", "Large"};
	builder.setSingleChoiceItems(chsSize, 0 /*sel.item*/, 
	new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
 	    public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int item) {
	    		 Toast.makeText(context, "Hello from dialog!!!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
	AlertDialog alert = builder.create();

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