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Throwing multiple exceptions Java


Throws multiple exceptions Java example source code

	public void callFc() 
	throws IndexOutOfBoundsException, ArithmeticException
         // my code for example:
         String[] sArray = {"aa","bb"};
         String str = sArray[5]; // IndexOutOfBoundsException

         int n = 5 / 0; // ArithmeticException

public void someFC (){
 catch(IndexOutOfBoundsException e){
      Log.e("TAG", e.toString());
 catch(ArithmeticException e2){ 

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Android 4.4 Lenovo A6000 black screen | android-4-4-lenovo-a6000-black-screen

Try reboot device.
Start device with start button on side of phone.
Screen will go to light black color.
Long press Start button for menu:
Power off
Airplane mode

Reboot item is in same level like Start button.
Click on the screen - (Hear a click)
Now find OK button , it is under Reboot item on right side of screen.
Press OK (Hear a click)
Wait a moment.
If device to do nothing , try short press Start button (sreen will black)
and again to press Start button. If screen go to light black color,
try again find Reboot item as written above.

Titlebar title bar change text setTile Android example | titlebar-title-bar-change-text-android-example

Change the title associated with this activity. If this is a top-level activity, the title for its window will change. If it is an embedded activity, the parent can do whatever it wants with it.

 String sTitle = "My new title";


long in java example | long-in-java-example

Android development

long is 64 bit signed type and used when int is not large enough to hold the value.

long je celé číslo 64 bitů -9223372036854775808 +9223372036854775807 a používá se tam, kde typ int není schopen pojmout takovou hodnotu čísla.

		// declaration and assignment of value type long
		long n = 22337203685477580L;
		// print formated value
		System.out.printf("The value of x is %d%n", n); // 22337203685477580
		System.out.format("%+,8d%n%n", n); // +22 337 203 685 477 580

		// declaring more variables in single statement
		long lo1 = 12L, lo2 = 56, lo3 = 1455555555589L;

		// long range of value
		System.out.println(Long.MAX_VALUE); // 9223372036854775807
		System.out.println(Long.MIN_VALUE); // -9223372036854775808

		// check if a string is a valid number in Java example
		// convert string to long Java example
		String sLong = "1288888888888888";
		long longParse = Long.parseLong(sLong);

		// convert strings to numbers
		long longFromString = (Long.valueOf(sLong)).longValue();

		// long to string in Java example code
		Long longObj = new Long(229999999999L);
		String str = longObj.toString();
		// else
		Long longS = 888888888888L;
		String strLong = longS.toString();

		// compare two long variables
		Long longComp1 = 5555L;
		if (longComp1.equals(55555555L))

		// compares the two specified long values in Java example

		int i = longS.compareTo(444444L); // -1 first < second
		// 0 first == second
		// 1 first > second

Statistics usability of mobile phones with Android – October 2011 | statistics-usability-of-mobile-phones-with-android-%e2%80%93-october-2011

Table of usability phones with Android: (Our software)

October 2011 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 10,90%
Samsung Galaxy S 8,10%
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7,00%
Samsung Galaxy Mini 6,20%
HTC Desire HD 4,10%
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4,10%
Samsung Galaxy S 4,00%
Samsung Galaxy Fit 3,30%
HTC Wildfire 3,20%
SEMC Xperia X10 2,20%

Samsung Galaxy S213.8%
Samsung Galaxy S8.5%
Samsung Galaxy Tab7.4%
Samsung Galaxy Mini5.4%
Samsung Galaxy S4.0%
HTC Desire HD3.8%
Samsung Galaxy Ace3.8%
HTC Wildfire3.2%
Samsung Galaxy Fit3.1%
SEMC Xperia X102.1%

Graph of usability Smartphone with Android - October 2011:

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone4 - video

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone4 - browsing, gaming, apps, performance, browser, fast, against, navigation, Sygic, apk, Android, iOS


Snow Text Effects Paint.NET | snow-text-effects-paint-net

For some graphics you can use Paint.NET editor.
How create Snow Effects on Text by 1 minute show this video:

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