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Sqlite create database and table with BAT file for Android

Sqlite3 create database and table with load.bat file and fill data to table example.

  1. Create folder for your project: my_sqlite_project

  2. Open folder and create file load.bat and paste to load.bat this text and save to project folder:

    sqlite3 my_database.s3db < load_text.sql

  3. Create load_text.sql file and paste this text and save to project folder:

    CREATE TABLE [android_metadata] (
    [locale] TEXT

    CREATE TABLE [my_table] (
    [_id] int NULL,
    [word] VARCHAR(255) NULL,
    [description] VARCHAR(255) NULL

    .separator ";"
    .import text_file.txt my_table

  4. Create text_file.txt and paste this text and save it as UTF-8:

    1;word1;my first word
    2;word2; my second word

  5. Download sqlite3.exe and put to project folder.

  6. Run BAT file load.bat and read text instruction from console

  7. If database created you can open and edit this with sqlite database explorer

  8. Copy database to Asses Android project folder

  9. If you want using this database in Android application on device, you have to copy this database to folder on device /data/data/com.MyPackage/databases/

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How set focus on View Android development example | how-set-focus-on-view-android-development-example

Set focus on a View in Android application example source code for Button, EditText, View, TextView, isFocused(), requestFocus() .

// set focus on Button Android example
 private Button mRightButton;
 mRightButton = (Button) a.findViewById(R.id.rightButton);
// boolean isFocused() 
boolean b = mRightButton.isFocused(); // true or false

// set focus on TextView directly Android example
((TextView) findViewById(R.id.myText)).requestFocus();

// set focus on View Android example
private View mView;
mView = findViewById(R.id.showAll);

// set focus on EditText Android example
private EditText mEdit;
mEdit = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.myEdit);

Force Screen On - dont use WakeLock - use getWindow().addFlags(WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON) - Android sample | force-screen-on-dont-use-wakelock-use-getwindow-addflagswindowmanager-layoutparams-flag_keep_screen_on-android-sample

FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON saving energy. Protects the battery if a user closing applications using the Return button on device. The device will returned to user screen mode settings.

    protected void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {

SQLite explorer download | sqlite-explorer-download

Best of SQLite explorer and admin download for SQLite 2.x and SQLite 3.x in separated folders.

Download Explorers SQLite 2.x and SQLite 3.x in separated folders

Resource Entry already defined | resource-entry-already-defined

Check if in drawable folder have two picture with same name and delete one.
For example:


Check the module build folder in Android Studio for two files with same names.


Eclipse revert old version Android Development Tools | eclipse-revert-old-version-android-development-tools

If you have trouble with compilation of new project after you make a update of android development tools you can go back to old version of the tools.

    • Open Help > About Eclipse... use the menu > About...

    • Click the "Installation Details" button.

    • Select the "Installation History" tab.

    • Select one of the previous configurations.

    • Click the "Revert" button at the bottom.



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