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Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Eclipse Android

Try each step separately:

  1. Restart Eclipse

  2. Clean project and rebuild

  3. Create a new project and try it if the problem persists, if no move copy project to other folder, delete project from workspace , create new project same name and copy java, xml etc. files to new project

  4. Close Eclipse, backup folder c:\Users\myName\workspace\.metadata and delete it. Restart Eclipse try again import project to workspace

  5. Re-installing the Android Developer Tools

  6. Re-installing Eclipse - rename old folder with Android to Android_old, create new folder C:\Program Files\Android and copy new Eclipse with sdk into new folder

  7. Created a new project importing from the file system

  8. Created a new project from subversion

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How to create icon for Android apps | how-to-create-icon-for-android-apps

First cteate big icon 512x512 px formtat .PGN in graphics editor as Photoshop, Gimp, Piant.NET and save image.
If you create new project via Eclipse and choice your 512x512 image for ic_launcher.
Eclipse will make all icons from this image for new application very well.



ACRA allows your Android application to send Crash Reports | acra-allows-your-android-application-to-send-crash-reports

ACRA allows your Android application to send Crash Reports to various destinations:

a Google Docs spreadsheet (default and original behavior)
an email
your own server-side HTTP POST script
any other possible destination by implementing your own report sender

ACRA wiki and download page of project library

Read file from URL | read-file-from-url

Read file from URL to array of byte and convert to UTF-8 String Android examle source code.

URL urlLoc = new URL("//myweb.com/myfile.html");
URLConnection conexion = urlLoc.openConnection();

// downlod the file
InputStream input = new BufferedInputStream(urlLoc

StringBuffer responseBuffer = new StringBuffer();
byte[] byteArray = new byte[1024];
while (input.read(byteArray) != -1)
        String res = new String(byteArray, "UTF-8");
        byteArray = null;
        byteArray = new byte[1024];

String response = responseBuffer.toString().trim();


Change Screen Orientation Programmatically Android | change-screen-orientation-programmatically-android

Landscape - portrait orientation change:

boolean mbOrientationLandscape = true;
if(mbOrientationLandscape ){
	mbOrientationLandscape =false;
	mbOrientationLandscape =true;


How going life cycle if screen orientation changed Android example | how-going-life-cycle-if-screen-orientation-changed-android-example

onSaveInstanceState, onRestoreInstanceState life cycle if screen orientation changed from log file.

// starts activity
15:27:12.801: INFO/onCreate(1828): onCreate()
15:27:12.811: INFO/onStart(1828): onStart()
15:27:12.821: INFO/onResume(1828): onResume()
// activity is running 

15:27:33.651: DEBUG/dalvikvm(307): GC_EXPLICIT freed 186K, 53% 
free 2770K/5831K, external 981K/1038K, paused 99ms

// change emulator state Ctrl+F11 landscape, portrait
15:27:40.427: INFO/ActivityManager(74): Config changed: 
{ scale=1.0 imsi=310/260 loc=en_US touch=3 keys=2/1/2 nav=3/1 orien=2 layout=18 uiMode=17 seq=64}

// saved all variable values if need
15:27:40.581: INFO/onSaveInstanceState(1828): onSaveInstanceState()

15:27:40.602: INFO/onPause(1828): onPause()
15:27:40.612: INFO/onStop(1828): onStop()
15:27:40.631: INFO/onDestroy(1828): onDestroy()

// activity goes back to onCreate !!!!!!!!!
15:27:40.692: INFO/onCreate(1828): onCreate()
15:27:40.701: INFO/onStart(1828): onStart()

// restore all saved values of variables 
15:27:40.711: INFO/onRestoreInstanceState(1828): onRestoreInstanceState()
// you can using saved values by onSaveInstanceState() in onResume
15:27:40.721: INFO/onResume(1828): onResume()

Diagram of life cycle onSaveInstanceState, onRestoreInstanceState

[caption id="attachment_1169" align="alignleft" width="229" caption="Life cycle onRestoreInstanceState"]life_cycle_onRestoreInstanceState[/caption]

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