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Check Internet connection Android example


public boolean isConnected() {
	 try {
		ConnectivityManager cm = (ConnectivityManager) getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);
		 return cm.getActiveNetworkInfo().isConnectedOrConnecting();
	} catch (Exception e) {
		// TODO Auto-generated catch block
		Log.e("isConnected", e.getMessage());
		Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), e.getMessage(),
		return false;

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R.java not generated - Android project in Eclipse issue | r-java-not-generating-android-project-in-eclipse-issue

If You create new xml file with prefix _ , for example _style.xml and You to clean project (Project->Clean), than package in folder project\gen will deleted with R.java class and new R.java not be created.

For to solving this problem You have to rename file without prefix _ as style.xml or name what You need and rebuild project.

If some ID cannot be resolved or is not a field get error occurence
You have to delete import android.R; in Activity.class if was inserted,
when this error is displayed.

Round number float - double to int - long Java example | round-number-float-to-int-java-example

int nf = Math.round(5.789f);
System.out.print(nf); // 6

float f = 28.611f; 
int n3 = Math.round(f);
System.out.println(n3); // 29

double d = 1234.56;
long lon = Math.round(d);
System.out.println(lon); // 1235

int diff = 90 - 40;
// float fDeleni = diff / 10; // error code
float fDeleni = (float)diff / 10.f; // ok
int nRound = Math.round(fDeleni);

// Caution:
int n2 = (int) 8.999f;
System.out.println(n2); // 8


Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360) | samsung-galaxy-y-s5360

Brand Samsung
Model (codename) Galaxy Y (S5360)
Cena, včetně DPH 2400 / 06.2012
Display size (v palcích) 3
Display-resolution 240x320
Dotek-typ kapacitní
CPU typ BCM21553
CPU MHz 832
CPU core
L2 cache ?
RAM 256
ROM 512
GPU VideoCore IV
NenaMark2 Benchmark 12
Baterie mAh 1200
Foto MPx 2
Autofocus ne
Official Android ICS Android OS v 2.3
CyanogenMod support
Display-ppi 133
Display-retina 41%
Network čîtyřpásmový GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz , HSDPA 2100 MHz
Connectivity Bluetooth v2.0 plus EDR plus support A2DP, USB host
Pozn. CPU ARMv6, GPU 20MT/s OpenGL ES 2.0

samsung galaxy y smartphone

Drawable Bitmap get width height Android | drawable-bitmap-get-width-height-android

		Drawable dr = getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.algebra);
		int h = dr.getIntrinsicHeight();
		int w = dr.getIntrinsicWidth();

		Bitmap ball = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.algebra);
		int _nWidth = ball.getWidth();
		int _nHeight = ball.getHeight();


How rebuild only one module in project Android Studio | how-rebuild-only-one-module-in-project-android-studio

If you do click on Rebuid project menu item, this operation maybe consume long time on slovly PC.
Some errors dismis when you do rebuild project, or module.
Try this:
Select module where contains red error code and press Debugg or Run button on Android Studio.
If module code contains errors, Android Studio show error report in gradle console.
If not, apk will installed on device.
This is 10 times faster than Clean - Rebuild all project.

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