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App have transparent menu Android

If the app have transparent menu and you do not want this,
try delete @style/AppTheme in application tag in AndroidManifest.xml
and try run module - project. If menu is not transparent , maybe it caused

        android:theme="@style/AppTheme" // delete this row - run app - try menu

Or try set values\styles.xml into basic Theme


        Base application theme, dependent on API level. This theme is replaced
        by AppBaseTheme from res/values-vXX/styles.xml on newer devices.
    <style name="AppBaseTheme" parent="android:Theme.Black">
            Theme customizations available in newer API levels can go in
            res/values-vXX/styles.xml, while customizations related to
            backward-compatibility can go here.

    <!-- Application theme. -->
    <style name="AppTheme" parent="AppBaseTheme">
        <!-- All customizations that are NOT specific to a particular API-level can go here. -->


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Call requires API level xx current min is xx android | call-requires-api-level-xx-current-min-is-xx-android

Call requires API level 16 (current min is 4): android
Change The SDK version in AndroidManifest.xml to higher

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="4" />
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" />

Android Studio gradle file comment same as java comment | android-studio-gradle-file-comment-same-as-java-comment

// single line
multi line

Hide keyboard Android example | hide-keyboard-android-example

Use this code for example in some method or function

// public Object getSystemService (String name)
// Return the handle to a system-level service by name.
// The class of the returned object varies by the requested name.
InputMethodManager inputMethodManager = (InputMethodManager)getSystemService(Context.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE);
//public boolean hideSoftInputFromWindow (IBinder windowToken, int flags)
//EditText myEdit = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.idEditText);
inputMethodManager .hideSoftInputFromWindow(myEdit.getWindowToken(), 0);


Start an new Activity Intent with a parameter Android example | start-an-activity-with-a-parameter-android-example

putString(), putBoolean(), putInt() etc.¨
How we can start an activity programmatically.

// MainActivity.java
//  myButton.setOnClickListener
Intent binary = new Intent(getApplicationContext(),Calculate.class);
	Bundle b = new Bundle();
	b.putString("prvni_label", "Decimal");
	b.putString("druhy_label", "Binary");
	b.putString("mode", "binary_to_decimal");
	startActivityForResult(binary, 0);
// in Calculate.java onCreate

   TextView mTextView1 = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.textView1);
   TextView mTextView2 = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.textView2);    
     Bundle _bundle = getIntent().getExtras();

//.................. HOW OPEN START NEW ACTIVITY WITHOUT A PARAMETER .........................

startActivity(new Intent(ThisActivity.this, NewActivity.class));

HTC Incredible 2 | htc-incredible-2

HTC Incredible 2 cena od 6 000 KCZ Kč (únor.2012)
Spokojenost uživatelů nadprůměrná.
HTC Incredible 2 je chytrý telefon s operačním systémem Android.
HTC Incredible 2 je (22.února2012) 7. nejpoužívanějším chytrým telefonem u programu Sky Map viz tabulka.

HTC Incredible 2 - video recense