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The container JRE System Library JavaSE references non existing library


Eclipse Error: The container JRE System Library JavaSE references non existing library QTJava.zip

Windows->Preferences->Java->Installed JRE
Press Add and select your JRE folder path for example:
c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\
and check your choice.

eclipse instaled jres path dialog

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Problem in parsing the package Android 2.1 | problem-in-parsing-the-package-android-2-1

If install on device signed with proguard *.apk package and try to reinstall it by only signed package get error in parsing the package.
Uninstall the first application with bigger size from device and try install signed package which has a smaller size. Delete from download list previous downloaded *.apk.
This problem occurs when that your downloaded apk file size is less than the
size of the original apk.

ADT 20 Eclipse New Activity wizard cannot be complete due to support library | adt-20-eclipse-new-activity-wizard-cannot-be-complete-due-to-support-library

When using New Activity wizard, ADT 20 asked to install Android Support library version 8 even though version 9 has been installed.

Pressing "Install/Update" then ADT popup a window downloading Support library, when finished nothing happen.
Pressing "Check Again" does nothing.
If i restarting Eclipse again this problem.

Notice: If you install new version ADT or update via SDK Manager, open SDK Manager standalone and close Eclipse.
- Close Eclipse
- Open SDK Manager standalone (c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk-windows\SDK Manager.exe)
- Check the checkbox and uninstall Extras -> Android Support Library.
- Check again Extras -> Android Support Library and install it
- Restart Eclipse
- Try to create new project



Links too close together Mobile friendly page | links-too-close-together-mobile-friendly-page

Try set bigger line-height of links and font size for example:

/*in css*/
line-height: 48px;
font-size: 20px;
background-color: rgb(255,204,0);

/* in html page set class of link*/
<a class="links" href="m.mydomen.com/mypage.html">Blah blah mypage</a>

// or in css for all links on page
a {
line-height: 48px;
font-size: 20px;

/*html page*/
<a href="m.mydomen.com/mypage.html">Blah blah mypage</a>


Android Studio add library dependencies to module project | android-studio-add-library-dependencies-to-module-project

  1. File->Project Structure Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S

  2. Select module and Dependencies Tab

  3. Click on + PLUS button (right upper corner)

  4. Select library

  5. Click OK, OK


Whittled superscript sup tag TextView Android issue | whittled-superscript-sup-tag-textview-android-issue

Issue: Cropped superscript index between tags sup /sup is not correctly visible in TextView or View as Button.

String s = "10<sup>12 </sup>";
textView.setText(Html.fromHtml(s)); // 12 will cropped 
// solution:
s = "10<sup>12 </sup>\t	"; // add behind ending of sup tag the tabulator \t, 
// but not char \t but only press to TAB key!!! in source code
textView.setText(Html.fromHtml(s)); // 12 is visible correctly


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