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Eclipse - Workspace in use or cannot be created chose a different one


Open your workspace folder and subfolder .metadata:

Delete .lock file

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Android Studio Browse Files Data Device Emulator | android-studio-browse-data-device-emulator

1.) Open DDMS via Menu Tools > Android > Android Device Monitor
2.) Select Device
3.) In DDMS click Menu Window > Show View > File Exlporer
4.) Device > Storage folder
5.) Emulator > data > data folder

Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Eclipse Android | unable-to-execute-dex-multiple-dex-files-define-eclipse-android

Try each step separately:

  1. Restart Eclipse

  2. Clean project and rebuild

  3. Create a new project and try it if the problem persists, if no move copy project to other folder, delete project from workspace , create new project same name and copy java, xml etc. files to new project

  4. Close Eclipse, backup folder c:\Users\myName\workspace\.metadata and delete it. Restart Eclipse try again import project to workspace

  5. Re-installing the Android Developer Tools

  6. Re-installing Eclipse - rename old folder with Android to Android_old, create new folder C:\Program Files\Android and copy new Eclipse with sdk into new folder

  7. Created a new project importing from the file system

  8. Created a new project from subversion


Save Instance State if device is rotated | save-instance-state-if-device-is-rotated

Try this trick.
In AndroidManifest - activity tag write this code
App hold data of a views if will to rotation of device.

 android:configChanges="keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|uiMode|screenSize|smallestScreenSize" />

Problem in parsing the package Android 2.1 | problem-in-parsing-the-package-android-2-1

If install on device signed with proguard *.apk package and try to reinstall it by only signed package get error in parsing the package.
Uninstall the first application with bigger size from device and try install signed package which has a smaller size. Delete from download list previous downloaded *.apk.
This problem occurs when that your downloaded apk file size is less than the
size of the original apk.

goto statement in Java | goto-statement-in-java

You can use for, do while, while cycle for example:

public void myFunction(){
 for (int i = 0; i < 1; i++) {
	// some code
       int c = 10;
         break; // goto stop; in C++
 } // end of for
 // stop: // break moved process to end of for

 // next code


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