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How rebuild only one module in project Android Studio


If you do click on Rebuid project menu item, this operation maybe consume long time on slovly PC.
Some errors dismis when you do rebuild project, or module.
Try this:
Select module where contains red error code and press Debugg or Run button on Android Studio.
If module code contains errors, Android Studio show error report in gradle console.
If not, apk will installed on device.
This is 10 times faster than Clean - Rebuild all project.

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Android Studio bug versioncode versionname signed apk issue | android-studio-bug-versioncode-versionname-signed-apk-issue

If you change android:versionCode="224" and android:versionName="2.2.4" in AndroidManifest.xml you have to change this in build.gradle file too.
Click on build.gradle in package explorer tree change your new version name and code:

  defaultConfig {
        applicationId "cz.okhelp.pocasiwidget"
        minSdkVersion 11
        targetSdkVersion 23
        versionCode 224
        versionName "2.2.4"

Number convert int to string Java Android example code | number

Convert number int to string Android Java example source code.

int n = 0;

try {
    n = Integer.parseInt("21"));
} catch(NumberFormatException e) {
   System.out.println("Could not parse " + e);
// int to string
String s = String.valueOf(24);

This version of the rendering library is more recent than | this-version-of-the-rendering-library-is-more-recent-than

This version of the rendering library is more recent than your version of ADT plug-in. Please update ADT plug-in

Click on menu Help > Install New Software.
In the Work with field, Add: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/
Select: Developer Tools / Android Development Tools.
Click Next to complete the wizard.

If you have problem try download all sdk + eclipse in one pack , rename old folder for example Andorid_old, create new folder Android and unpack sdk + eclipse from this adress:


Resize a bitmap image Android example | resize-a-bitmap-image-android-example

public class ApokusActivity extends Activity {
	protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
		setContentView(new SampleView(this));

	private static class SampleView extends View {

		public SampleView(Context context) {

		protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {
			Paint paint = new Paint();
	         Bitmap bitmapOrg = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(),R.drawable.flower_blue);
	         int targetWidth  = bitmapOrg.getWidth() * 2;
	         int targetHeight = bitmapOrg.getHeight() * 2;
	         Bitmap bmp = Bitmap.createBitmap(targetWidth, targetHeight,Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888);
	         RectF rectf = new RectF(0, 0, targetWidth, targetHeight);
	         Canvas c = new Canvas(bmp);
	         Path path = new Path();
	         path.addRect(rectf, Path.Direction.CW);
	         c.drawBitmap( bitmapOrg, new Rect(0, 0, bitmapOrg.getWidth(), bitmapOrg.getHeight()),
	                         new Rect(0, 0, targetWidth, targetHeight), paint);
	         Matrix matrix = new Matrix();
	         matrix.postScale(1f, 1f);
	         Bitmap resizedBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bmp, 0, 0, targetWidth, targetHeight, matrix, true);
	         int h = bitmapOrg.getHeight();
           canvas.drawBitmap(bitmapOrg, 10,10, paint);
           canvas.drawBitmap(resizedBitmap, 10,10 + h + 10, paint);


resize bitmap android

The container JRE System Library JavaSE references non existing library | the-container-jre-system-library-javase-references-non-existing-library

Eclipse Error: The container JRE System Library JavaSE references non existing library QTJava.zip

Windows->Preferences->Java->Installed JRE
Press Add and select your JRE folder path for example:
c:\Program Files\Java\jre7\
and check your choice.

eclipse instaled jres path dialog

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